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Marais des Cygnes District

Popular Lawn and Garden Publications


A Perennial Flower Bed Design:  Garden Center Culture Guide

Growing Roses

Prairie Bloom Perennial Flowers

Prairie Star Annual Flowers


Commercial Grape Production in Kansas


Raspberries and Blackberries


Farming a few Acres of Herbs:  An Herb Growers Handbook

Horticulture Practices

Energy Efficient Landscaping

Making and Using Compost At Home

Planning Your Fruit Garden

Recycling Grass Clippings

Using Wood Chips for Mulch

Watering Raised Beds, Berms, Containers, and Houseplants

Lawn & Turf

Common Sense Pest Control

Fertilizing Kansas Lawns

Planting a Home Lawn

Tall Fescue Lawns

Watering New Lawns

Zoysia Lawns

Plant & Pest Problems

Alternatives in Pest Control for the Home Garden

Annual White Grubs in Turf


Borers:  Management and Prevention

Common Plant Problems in Kansas

Controlling Nuisance Moles

Fruit Pest Control for Home Gardens

Fungus Gnat

Insect Management in Organic Vegetable Gardens

Oak Leaf Itch Mite

Pests of the Flower Garden

Pine Disease in Kansas: Tip Blight, Dothistroma Needle Blight, and Pine Wilt

Tomato Leaf and Fruit Diseases and Disorders

Weed Control in Home Lawns

Recommended Trees

Recommended Landscape Trees for KC

Trees and Shrubs for Difficult Sites

Tree, Shrubs & Woody Vines

Interpreting a K-State Soil Test for Tree and Shrub Beds

Planting Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Selecting and Planting a Tree

Shade and Ornamental Trees for Kansas

Top Ten Steps for Successful Tree Planting

Top Ten Tree Planting Mistakes

Tree Planting Guide

Watering and Established Trees and Shrubs


Fall Vegetable Gardening

Fertilizing Gardens in Kansas

Growing Vegetables in Pots

Recommended Vegetable Varieties

Vegetable Garden Planting Guide