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Marais des Cygnes District

MdC District Paola Office

Miami County
913 N Pearl, Suite 1
Paola, KS 66071
913-294-4306 office
913-294-4301 fax
Office Hours:
8-4:30pm M-F

Kathy Goul, FCS Agent-

Karla Hightower, 4-H Agent-

Katelyn Barthol, ANR Agent-

linn office

Linn County
115 S. 6th St.
P.O. Box 160
Mound City, KS 66056
913-795-2829 office
913-294-4301 fax
Office Hours:
8-4:30pm M-F

Franny Eastwood, FCS Agent -

Abbie Powell, 4-H, ANR &
District Director- abbie2@ksu.edu

Send to all agents:


Creativity Grows Here

Welcome to Marais des Cygnes District 4-H!

We are happy to welcome you into our 4-H Family.  This page is full of information on how to join the Marais des Cygnes District 4-H program. 
To be a 4-H Member, youth must be age 7-18 by January 1 of current 4-H Year.  We also have a Cloverbud Program for those youth who are 5-6 years old by January 1. 

The key to understanding 4-H and all the great opportunities that 4-H offers is to get involved and asked questions.  Questions about joining 4-H can be directed to either Marais des Cygnes Office.

Karla Hightower - Paola Office (Miami County 4-H) - 913-294-4306 or
Abbie Powell - Mound City Office (Linn County 4-H) - 913-795-2829.

Enrollment for the 2022-2023 4-H Year starts on October 1.
*New Family enrollment is from October 1 to May 1.*
*Returning members re-enrollment from October 1 to January 15*
If you enroll after the required dates you are not eligible to show as 4-H at the Counties Fairs in our district.

Steps to Joining 4-H  - 

1. Find a Club Near You: Linn County 4-H Clubs or Miami County 4-H Clubs

2. Visit a club or two.

3. Find Projects that interest your 4-H’er.  Project Selection Guide(in color) - This will give you a little information about each of the projects available to participate in.

4. If you are joining 4-H for the first time you will go to the 4-H Online 2.0 website, create a 4-HOnline account and enroll your child.  If you are a re-enrolling family you will go to the 4-H Online 2.0 website and login to your account with the email & password you used the previous 4-H year and enroll your child in 4-H for the current 4-H year.  4-H Enrollment starts October 1st.  Re-enrolling 4-H members need to be enrolled by January 15 and new members must be enrolled before May 1st to show at either County Fair.  For step-by step instructions on how to enroll or re-enroll in 4HOnline, click on  Family Enrollment Guide

Kansas 4-H has implemented a $15 per member fee.  The fee is payable when you enroll in 4-H using 4HOnline. 

Check out the 2022-2023  Marais des Cygnes 4-H Policies & Guidelines.  (including in this document are tagging dates, animal owner requirements, animal age requirements) 

If joining a 4-H Club is not feasible, then you can become an Independent 4-H’er.  You will have to fill out and turn in the 4-H Individual Study Member Plan as well as enrolling in our 4-H Online 2.0 system.  You will follow the instructions in Step #4 to enroll for the current 4-H year. 
4-H Individual Study Member Plan 2022-2023
(you may have to download this in order to for it to be fillable)

NOTE:  If you are choosing to pay by check, below is the information to do that:

Make check payable to:
Kansas 4-H Youth Development
please include youth name(s) on check memo line

Mail check to:
Kansas 4-H Youth Development
1612 Claflin Rd 201 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

NOTE:  If you chose to pay by check at enrollment you must pay by check.  You can not go back and pay by credit card after you mark paying by check.


Note:  Projects and Clubs do not pre-populate at reenrollment.  Returning members will need to select their club and all desired projects. If they select a project that they had last year, the years in project will increment correctly based on what they had on their enrollment this year.

New to the system in the last few 4-H years is that the projects that use to include all activities in a project are now divided into seperate projects.

Example:  If you chose the Beef project it used to include both breeding and market beef now you have to add both the breeding and market beef projects if you intend to participate in both.

2nd Example:  In the Clothing project-  If you picked the Clothing project it included both contruction and buymanship now you will have to add both of them to your project list to participate in both.

How to select projects

Projects are areas that the 4-H’er wants to explore and learn more about.  Some projects have club project leaders while others are more of a self-study.A 4-H member should base their project selection on the following:

Their own personal interests, needs and capabilities. Be sure the project is within the age

  • Their own personal interests, needs and capabilities. Be sure the project is within the age and ability of the member. 
  • Suitability of the area in which they live. 
  • The amount of time needed to complete the project. The member and parents should be aware of the amount of time a member has to work on the project and how much time the project requires. 
  • The cost and needs of a project. The member and parents must consider how much a project will cost. Is there enough space for the project or is additional equipment required?
  • Are project leaders available to help with the project in the club or are the parents willing to help the member with the project? 

Projects are selected at the time of enrollment. 4-H members must be enrolled in the appropriate projects to be eligible to exhibit the project at the county fair. 

Detailed Project Information
(each project if clicked on will give more information in greater detail about opportunities for being in that project)

4HOnline Family Resources