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Marais des Cygnes District

Joining 4-H

4-H Clover black and white with facesInformation you need to enroll in Marais des Cygnes District 4-H

Enrollment for the New 4-H Year starts Oct. 1 -  Do not try to enroll or re-enroll until then

Joining 4-H Club Brochure  Miami County  or  Linn County  to locate the club near you to join.

NOTE:  Returning 4-H Members must be re-enrolled by January 2, 2020.  New 4-H Members must be enrolled by May 1, 2020 or by tagging date of livestock they choose to show at Fair if that is before May 1.

4-H Program Fee FAQs

Investing in 4-H:  A Guide to 4-H Program Fee

2019-20 Marais des Cygnes District  4-H Enrollment Letter  - this gives information about livestock project ownership deadlines, weighing & tagging dates and other dates needed throughout the 4-H year for Miami County & Linn County 4-H.

4HOnline Family Resources

Guide Books:

How to:

4-H Individual Study Member Plan 2019-20 - for youth unable to participate in a Community 4-H Club.  You will have to fill out and turn in this form and do the requirements written there as well as enrolling in our 4-H Online system.  You will use either the New 4-H Family or the Re-enrolling 4-H Family Flier above to enroll.

Project Selection Guide (in color) - This will give you a little information about each of the projects available to participate in.
Project Selection Guide (in grey scale)

2020 FFA Member
Enrollment Information

New Family Information

Guide to 4-H

Project Clubs County-Wide

Linn County

Miami County


Event Participation Forms

Kansas 4-H Participation Form PDF or Word