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Marais des Cygnes District

Walk Kansas March 17 - May 11, 2019

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  • Challenge 1:  8 Wonders of Kansas
  • Challenge 2:  Cross Country 
  • Challenge 3:  Little Balkans (Winding Trail) to Nicodemus

New Walk Kansas Challenges for 2018


Registration: Due by:

1. Captains, gather your team of 4-6 individuals

2. Captains- Collect information for your team. You can pick up a registration packet from the Extension office to help with this. You will need:

  • Names and emails of your team members.
  • T-shirt sizes and color preferences for your team members, if applicable.
  • A check for your entire team's registration.

3. Captains, go to walkkansasonline.org to select your challenge and register your team.

Don't have a team?  No problem.  You CAN register as an individual to be placed on a team later.  However, if you do have a team then PLEASE let your team captain register you first. Bring/mail your payment (in check form, please) to the Mound City or Paola Extension Office. 

New this year! When captains register your team they have three options for registering the team.   

  • Option 1:  T-Shirt + Registration- $17 each.  This will give every member on the team a t-shirt without having to pay sales tax. 
  • Option 2:  Baseball Tee + Registration- $22 each.  This will give every member on the team a baseball tee without having to pay sales tax. 
  • Option 3:  Program Registration Only- $8 each.  No members will receive a t-shirt, but have the option to buy t-shirts with sales tax later.

The program fee will be waved for school aged youth
(high school aged and younger). 

Captains Information (1 for Captain)
Guide for Captains 2019
Team Registration Form 2019
Walk Kansas t-shirt Order Form 2019
Team Captains Log 2019

Participants Information  (1 per participant)
Walk Kansas Participants Welcome Guide 2019
Participants Registration Form 2019
Youth Participant Registration Form 2019
Walk Kansas Daily Log 2019
What Counts as Activity & Online Reporting Help