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Marais des Cygnes District

MdC District Paola Office

Miami County
913 N Pearl, Suite 1
Paola, KS 66071
913-294-4306 office
913-294-4301 fax
Office Hours:
8-4:30pm M-F

Kathy Goul, FCS Agent-

Karla Hightower, 4-H Agent-

Katelyn Barthol, ANR Agent-

linn office

Linn County
115 S. 6th St.
P.O. Box 160
Mound City, KS 66056
913-795-2829 office
913-294-4301 fax
Office Hours:
8-4:30pm M-F

Franny Eastwood, FCS Agent -

Abbie Powell, 4-H, ANR &
District Director- abbie2@ksu.edu

Send to all agents:

MFV 2020

Our Extension Master Food Volunteers

If you would like to be considered for the Class of 2018 training please fill out the application below and return it to either Paola or Mound City office by August 20, 2018 with your registration fee (note: fee will be held until starting date of class).  Please contact Franny Eastwood at fmeastwo@ksu.edu 0r 913-795-2829 with questions about the program.

MFV Flyer 2023

MFV Brochure

Master Food Volunteer Application 2023

Who is a Master Food Volunteer?

A Master Food Volunteer is a volunteer trained by university-based nutritionists, registered dietitians, food scientists and culinary experts and becomes certified in research-based  food safety and healthy living concepts.  They, in turn, give voluntary service for a variety of projects that utilize their training.

Volunteers come from all walks of life and are all ages, male and female, new mothers and retirees, rural residents and suburbanites. 

Our volunteer opportunities are endless! Cooking demonstrations, teaching classes to adults and children, or writing informative articles that help
improve people's lives - these are just a few of the opportunities available!  Whatever your interests, there is a place for you in the Marais des Cygnes District Extension Master Food Volunteer program!

What happens after training is complete?

Following basic training, MFVs are required to volunteer 40 hours of service in the activity of their choosing for their first year as an MFV. After that first year, all volunteers are required to volunteer 20 hours of service and continue their education with 10 hours of advanced training annually.

What does a Master Food Volunteer do?

* Monthly Knowledge @ Noon

* Programs for all ages

* Diabetes nutrition classes

* Holiday cooking/Gifts from the Kitchen

* Extension-sponsored programs (Ag Day, Kansas Day, Mom's Club, 4-H Food day, Fair- Learning Corners and food preservation are a few)

* Local media outreach such as newspaper columns, health fair display and more.

State Extension Master Food Volunteers information

Master Food Volunteers in Action!

Ag Day September 2016

Educational Tours

Gingerbread House Making 2016

Kansas Day 2016 - Viola Lee & Janet Rhea

Kansas Day Viola Lee, Janet Rhea











National Festival of Breads Manhattan June 2017 -
Karen Brown & Gayle Plummer

Karen and Gayle at National Festival of Breads in Manhattan June 2017

mfv logo

Miami County Extension was a pilot county for the state of Kansas and the nation for this innovative Extension program in 2002.  There are currently 21 trained Extension Master Food Volunteers serving the Marais des Cygnes District.

Class of

Class of 2017 Master Food Volunteers

2017 - Gayle Plummer, Toni McIntire & Karen Brown (pictured above)

2016 - Maria McDonald & Patricia Nelson

2014 - Bob Burns

2013 - Debi Doering,

2012 - Rae Coffelt

2011 - Beverly Burke & Barbara Wilson

2007 - Cheryl Sigel

2006 - Jerri Hefling & Mary Ann Maisch

2002 - Angela Scherman