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Marais des Cygnes District

Miami County Fair -> July 23-30, 2022

~Miami County Fair & Rodeo Website~
Miami County Fair Association
P.O. Box 451
401 Wallace Park Drive
Paola, KS 66071

*** Miami County Fair Book 2022 ***

~~~ NEW for 2022 Miami County Fair ~~~

Note:  We have a new pre-entry system for fair this year. View the following step-by-step videos with instructions for Open Class, 4-H & FFA Pre-Entries.
Also there are new class listings this year as well. Please listen to videos and look at new information.  All previous class numbers do not exist anymore.  THANKS!

4-H/FFA Pre-Entry Instruction Video

4-H/FFA - Class Listings

Open Class Pre-Entry Instruction Video

Open - Class Listings

4-H & FFA 2022 Pre-Entry due Dates:
July 01 - MICO Fair 4-H Animals & Fashion Revue Pre-Entries Due
July 08 - MICO Fair 4-H All Other Pre-Entries Due
July 08 - MICO Fair Booth Pre-Entries Due
July 21 - MICO Open Class Entries Due


We will be having a Public Fashion Revue on Monday, July 25 at 7:00pm in Fair building #4

Instructions for Entering Booths or Banners
This year, one of the club leaders will need to enter the booth and/or banner in the FairEntry System. To do this, after you sign in using your 4HOnline account, please add an exhibitor that is your club name. Then you will find the Booth and Banners department to enter the exhibit.
4-H Foundation and Project Clubs can enter the same way.
~~Please let Katelyn at kbarth25@ksu.edu or Karla at khightow@ksu.edu know if you have any problems.

*** Open Class Cookie Jar Contest 2022 ***
The Cookie Jar Contest got removed from the fair book on accident.  It should have been on page 22.  The contest is listed under 902 - Other Food Classes - Class # is 90201
Here is the description for the cookie jar:
Fancy assorted cookies in a clear, wide mouth, decorated 1-gallon jar.  Jar will count 25%, cookies 75%.  Jar must be filled with not less than 9 different cookies from different batters and doughs.  Each cookie should be wrapped separately in clear plastic wrap.  Bring 1 of each kind in a covered flat box.  Boxes will not be returned.  Attach your nine recipes used to box of cookies.  The winning cookie jar will be presented to the fair board president just prior to the market sale.
Best of show - grand and reserve grand ribbons.
Premiums for cookie jars:  Blue $30, red $20, white $10

Favorite Foods Show – 2022 Miami County Fair
Event Date:  Monday, July 25
Entry Time:  Must be set-up between 8-9am. Judging at 9:00am.
Select a Favorite food recipe and prepare it.  Display with recipe card, complete meal menu, and themed table setting and centerpiece. Display can be formal or informal depending on food and menu. Conference judging questions may cover nutritional value, Preparation of food and selection of place setting.
Space is limited to a 2-foot length and 30 inches deep.  Display food must be thrown away by the exhibitor after the judging is over.

2022 Livestock Declaration Form

2022 Kansas County Fair Recommended Requirements

Miami County Fair 2022 Camper Reservation Application

Fair Flyer 2022
(available at the fairgrounds during the fair)

2022 Mutton Bustin Information
(Note: no phone at fair office all enteries are in person)

2022 Kiddie Tractor Pull (Sanctioned)

Miami County Fair Pageant Application
Pageant Guidelines

Miami County Fair Booth/Vendor Information 2022

*** Barnyard Olympics *** - 2022

Fashion/Style Revue Information 2022

Fashion Revue Schedule

Pre-Entry Sign-up 2022 - Fashion Revue only
Fashion Revue Scorecard & Cost per Wear Form
(form with have to be downloaded to your devise to be form fillable)
Fashion Revue Script Form
Fashion Revue Tips
Fashion Revue Video - Modeling Tips & Tricks

Exhibiting Fruits and Vegetables

Preparing Cut Flowers for Exhibit

Food Project Information
Foods Judging
Updated 2022 ~ Food Preservation Labels for Open Class ~
*Food Preservation Labels for Miami County 4-H Members
Food Preservation Judging Tips
Food Preservation Tips for Exhibiting
Food Safety Recommendations for Food Preservation Exhibits Revised
It's More than Keeping your Fingers out of the Cookie Dough
Judges Guide for Food and Nutrition Exhibits Revised
Just Because it Seals Doesn't Mean it is Safe
What is your Elevation?
When are Baked Goods Done?

Photography Information
4-H Photo Form
**Open Class Photo Form
Photo Mounting Instructions

Poultry Information - Pollorum-Typhoid Testing  2022
Miami County Fair Poultry Pullorum testing is on July 12 from 4-6pm at the Fairgrounds in Paola.  This is open to 4-H and Open Class Poultry Exhibitors.
Kansas continues to be a Pollorum-Typhoid (P-T) clean slate. This means that all poultry (except waterfowl) involved in exhibitions, such as the county fair, are required to either originate from a hatchery or breeding flock that is classified as a U.S. P-T Clean through the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Or test negative on the P-T test within 90 days prior to the opening date of the exhibition.

Keeping your flock safe>
Biosecurity for events Instructions on how to protect your flock after an event.
HPAI Back Yard 2022 Signs of Avian Influenza
Youth Poultry Brochure Information on Poultry Testing and why its important

4-H STEM Exhibit Information -
STEM State Fair Video Display Release 2022
STEM Posters, Displays & Notebooks Score Sheet 2022

Ag Mechanics
Ag Mechanics Exhibit Form 2022
Ag Mechanics Score Sheet 2022

Architectural Block Construction (ABC)
ABC Exhibit Form 2022
ABC Score Sheet 2022

Astronomy Exhibit Form 2022
Astronomy Score Sheet 2022

Computer Systems
Computer Systems Exhibit Form 2022
Computer Systems Score Sheet 2022

Robotics Exhibit Form 2022
Robotics Score Sheet 2022

Rocketry Exhibit Form 2022
Rocketry Highpower Exhibit Form 2022
Fin guide 3 wings
Fin guide 5 wings
Fin guide up to 8 wings
Rocketry Score Sheet 2022

Unmanned Aerial System(UAS)
UAS Exhibit Form 2022
UAS Score Sheet 2022

Shooting Sport Information
SS Miami County Fair Competition Information

Suggestions when inviting people to attend Livestock/Project Auction
Suggestions on who to Invite
Suggestions on what you might say when writing to a Potential Auction Attendee

Thank You Note Tutorial