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Marais des Cygnes District

Popular Health and Nutrition Publications

10 Tips for Safe Home-Canned Food

Alternative Protein Sources

At Home Safe Food Handling: It's in Your Hands

Care and Handling of Deer from Field to Table

Care and Handling of Game Birds from Field to Table

Cooking Basics: Cooking Terms

Cooking Basics: Measuring Tools and How to Use Them

Cooking Basics: Reducing a Recipe

Count on Nutritious Carbohydrates

Dry Meat Safely at Home

Drying Fruits & Vegetables (OSU)

Drying Fruits & Vegetables (Dehydration)

Fixing Funky Foods

Getting Started

Healthy Cooking Styles

How-to Guide to Pressure Canning

How-to Guide to Water Bath Canning & Steam Canning

Ingredient Substitutions

Make a Meal from What's on Hand

Preserving Apples

Preserving Cherries

Preserving Cucumbers

Preserving Green Beans

Preserving Peaches

Preserving Peppers

Preserving Strawberries

Preserving Sweet Corn

Preserving Tomatoes

Preserving Vegetables

Safe Food Storage:  The Cupboard

Safe Food Storage:  The Refrigerator and Freezer

Sassy Safe Salsa at Home

Seasoning with Herbs and Spices

Simple Seasoned Meals

Sugar: More than Just a Sweetener

The Well-Stocked Kitchen: Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

The Well-Stocked Kitchen: Pantry and Nonrefrigerated Foods

What's your Elevation?