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Marais des Cygnes District

Kansas  4-H Policies and Procedures

Kansas 4-H Policy Guide


Marais des Cygnes District Polices & Procedures

MdC 4-H Policies and Guidelines 2022-2023


Meeting Cancellation Policy
Bad weather can cause many problems including meeting cancellations. If schools are closed due to the weather, we will cancel county-wide or district-wide 4-H meetings and events.  Sometimes bad weather can happen after school.  If they are calling for snow or ice that evening, we are probably going to cancel any meeting that night. We will make the call before noon that day if county-wide or district-wide meetings are cancelled.  4-H Families will be notified about cancellations via email through 4honline and a post on Facebook if we need to cancel meetings or activities at the county level. Please check with your Club Leader to see what your Club policy states.


District 4-H Grievance Committee Policy


District 4-H Judging Team Selection Policy