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Marais des Cygnes District

Knowledge @ Noon Recipes 2019

January - "A New Year, A New You:  Discover MyPlate!"

March Discover MyPlate:  "Fantastic Fruits!"

April  -  Discovering MyPlate: "Powerful Protein!"

May Discovering MyPlate: "Great Grains!"

June -"Delectable Dairy"

August -  "Vegetables and Salad Dressings"

September - "Clean Kitchen: Part 1 - Less Mess, Less Stress!"

October - "Clean Kitchen: Part 2 - Less Mess, Less Stress!"

November - "Gifts from the Kitchen"


Knowledge @ Noon Recipes 2018

January - "Loafing Around"

March - "Luck of the Irish"

April -"Mix It Up"

May - "Cooking with Color"

June - "Come Air Fry with Us!"

August - "Say it Ain't Cilantro"

September -"Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner, The Sequel"

October - "Oodles of Noodles"

November - "Gifts from the Kitchen"

December - "Christmas Tea"


Knowledge @ Noon Recipes 2017

January -"Cooking from the Cupboard"

February - "Love Your Heart"

March"Under Pressure"   -   pictures from "Under Pressure"

April - "Celebrate with Brunch"

May - "New Ways with Vegetables"

June - "Very Dairy Licious"

August - "Cold Summer Soups and Tasty Sandwiches

September - "Cooking for 0ne or Two Matters"

October - "Sheet Pan Dinners"

November -"Gifts from the Kitchen"

December - "Christmas Tea"