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Marais des Cygnes District

Walk Kansas March 19 - May 13, 2017

**Walk Kansas Celebration 2017 Information**
Walk Kansas Trifold 2017

Walk Kansas Flyer

Walk Kansas Graphic with White background







(click above picture to go to state Walk Kansas site)

Survey 2017
Walk Kansas Online Survey

Walk Kansas Printable Survey

More Information to Help You!









What Counts as Activity & Online Reporting Help

Directions for online only Registration

Captains Information
(Team Captain will need 1 of each)

Guide for Captains 2017
Team Registration Form 2017
Walk Kansas t-shirt Order Form 2017
Team Captains Log 2017

Participants Information
(Each team member will need 1 of these)

Walk Kansas Participants Welcome Guide 2017
Participants Registration Form 2017
Walk Kansas Daily Log with Fruits & Vegetables List 2017

Exercises and Other Information
Reduce Muscle Soreness Tips

Walk Kansas Physical Activities Guide

10 Tips for Making Better Beverage Choices

Safety First: Stretching

Work Smart Stretching Plan

10 Minute Workout with Exercise Band

Move More - Feel Better

Range of Motion Exercises

Instant Recess - Lift off Moves Guide

Instant Recess - Specs and Guidelines

Instant Recess - Training Guidelines