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Marais des Cygnes District

Linn County Fair August 4-12, 2017

Theme for 2017 is "     "

Linn County Fair and  Rodeo Website

2017 Kansas County Fair Requirements

Linn County Fair Book 2016

2017 Linn County Fair Stall Reservation Form

Pre-Entry Form (if you download this to your computer it is form fillable)

Fair Entry Division Codes


Bucket Calf

4-H Bucket Calf Record Sheet


Food Project Information

Favorite Foods Contest

Food Preservation Judging Tips

Food Preservation Tips for Exhibiting

Food Safety Recommendations for Food Preservation Exhibits

It's More than Keeping your Fingers out of the Cookie Dough

Just Because it Seals Doesn't Mean it is Safe

What is your Elevation?

When are Baked Goods Done?


Fashion Revue Information

Cost per Wear Form

Evaluation Scorecard

Entry Form(this is form-fillable if you save it to your computer then open it)

Dorothy Clearwater Memorial Sewing Machine Award 2017



Preparing Cut Flowers for Exhibit


Exhibiting Fruits and Vegetables