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Marais des Cygnes District

Crops and Livestock

In Kansas farming is a tradition of many families. However in a world that is always changing another tradition is K-State Research and Extension. We offer many beneficial services to help Kansas farmers stay informed with educational research based information including:

  • Agriculture Production Systems
  • Effective Production Practices
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Farm Management
  • Business Management Skills
  • Environmentally Safe & Sound Production Practices
  • Alternative Agriculture Businesses
  • Youth Education about Food and Fiber







Ag Events and Opportunities

Nut Tree Grafting Workshop - Friday, May 5


Rural Living Series Flyer 2017
Event Descriptions


Additional Ag Information

Kansas Beef Facts

Breeding Soundness Examination for Replacement Heifers - ANR2263

Custom Rates 2013 (USDA)

Custom Rates Comparison 2016 (KSU Ag Manager Information)

District Forester Boundary Changes

Kansas Forestry - Conservation Tree Planting

Living in the County - MF2798

Radiological Emergency Information for Farmers, Food Processors & Distributors

Soil Testing Directions

Veterinary Feed Directive Fact Sheet

The Veterinary Feed Directive

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Agriculture Economics

Ag Manage Info


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Communications & Ag Education

Crops & Livestock


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Kansas Crop Improvement Association

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