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Marais des Cygnes District

Extension Master Gardener Archives

An Ounce of Prevention

Attract Humming Birds to your Yard

Becoming a Master Gardener

Becoming an Extension Master Gardener

Bird Feeding During the Winter

Cattails, Cattails, and more Cattails.....

Checklist of Good Gardening Practices

Compost Time

Consider Planting a Tree this Fall

Contain Yourself!  Vegetable Container Gardening

Creating your Own Backyard Cutting Garden


Dandelion an Uncelebrated Hero in the Plant World

Decoding Plant and Seed Catalogs

Does Variety Matter?

Easier Perennial Gardening

Fall in the Garden

First Signs of Spring:  Rhubarb!

For the Love of Gardening

Garden Tour 2015

Garden Tour 2017

Gardening Thoughts for December

Gardens for Kids Come After Mud Pies

Getting Rid of Bagworms

Good Fungi

Helping Houseplants Thrive in Winter

Holiday Cactus

It's Time for Garlic

Late Frost

Managing Micorclimates

New Year Resolutions

Oak Leaf Itch Mites

Organic Foods

Planting Trees for a long Healthy Life

Protecting Vegetation from Winter Weather

Secrets for Easy Flower Gardening

Singing the Blues

Spring Planting for Winter Interest

Starting from Seed

Time to Check your Garden Seeds

Too Much of a Good Thing and Not Enough

Tree Milk Weed

Weed Management

What do Earthworms do for the Soil?

Winter:  The Gardner's Busiest Season


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