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Marais des Cygnes District

Club Officer Information

So you are the President of your Club

The President's job is running the business meeting, improving interaction among group members, programming, and recreation. This publication gives you direction to help you understand what you need to do as president of your club.

So you are the Vice-President of your Club

The vice-president serves as chair of the program committee, introduces the program participants and thanks the people who present the program.   This publication gives you direction to help you understand what you need to do as vice-president of your club.

A Guide to Parliamentary Practice

In this publication you will find examples of proper meeting procedures; asking questions, making motions, elections, adjournment, etc.

Par-Law Trail Mix Activity


The Meeting will come to Order

This publication helps to give understanding of the proper use of parliamentary procedure.  Used properly, parliamentary procedure is one of the most effective means by which individuals can take orderly action as a group.


You will find a description of the duties of the 4-H club secretary, with work sheets for roll call, minutes of meetings, etc.


As treasurer of your 4-H group, you have been entrusted with responsibilities regarding the money earned and expended by your members.  This handbook will help you learn and prepare monthly and annual reports.  Treasurer Job Description



As a 4-H reporter, your job is to: Be a little nosy, know what is going  on in your club, and tell your town about the good stuff.  You only report interesting things 4-Her's are doing.

Reporter Tips


So you are the Recreation Leader of your Club

Fun is the first priority of club recreation.  This publication describes duties, suggests ideas, equipment, activity plans, and discusses sportsmanship.

4-H Game Guide

Games on the Go


So you are the Song Leader of your Club

This publication outlines the duties of a song leader of a group.

4-H Song Book


So you are Historian of your Club

Keep a record of the group's accomplishments & activities for the year.  Collect items such as pictures & news clippings about the group & its members.  You should organize a scrapbook for the year.