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Marais des Cygnes District

Project Information


Kansas 4-H Presentation Overview

4-H Public Speaking

4-H Public Speaking Record

Preparing and Using Visual Aides - 4H985



Dog Training Calendar 2017 - Miami County

State 4-H Dog Show Immunization Record



Insects in Kansas Revised Taxonomy 2016

KSF Entomology Rules Change 2016



Favorite Foods Show Guidelines

Food Preservation Judging Tips

Food Preservation Tips for Exhibiting

Food Safety Recommendations for Food Preservation Exhibits

It's More than Keeping your Fingers out of the Cookie Dough

Just Because it Seals Doesn't Mean its Safe

What is your Elevation?

When are Baked Goods Done?


Health and Wellness:

10 Smart Rules to Bike Safety



Horse Id Papers - Must be turned in by May 1 in order to be able to show at Miami, Linn and State Fair. Youth must pass Level Testing as per age and have current Health and Coggins test for horse. There is a $2.00 insurance fee to participate in the Horse Project.

2 Year Old Snaffle Bit Nomination

3 Year Old Snaffle Bit Nomination

2017 Fairbook Changes for Horse



2017 Kansas County Fair Regulations

2017 Livestock Declaration Form - Miami County

2016 Youth State Livestock Nominations & Entry Information


Market Goat:

Market Goat Showmanship from Start to Finish - MF3064



Rabbit Club Schedule 2016-17 - Miami County


Shooting Sports:

2016-17 Training Schedule - District-wide