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Marais des Cygnes District

Club Leader Resources

2018 Miami County Fair Information:
Food Stand Schedule 2018


4-H Foundation
Membership Drive


Camp Counselor Position Description 2018

Day Camp - Thursday, June 28



Cloverbud Connects


Club Day


Club Leader Training Videos
January 2018


Club Officer Installation Ceremonies

Work of Art - uses art supplies

Mixin' it up - makes a club snack mix

Breakfast Club - uses brands of cereal

Banana Split- makes banana splits

Officer Installation Ceremonies from Missouri

Community Service
Community Service Ideas

Ohio Community Service Project Ideas

4-H Club Financial Review Report - District-wide

2017 4-H Club Officers List - District Wide

Club Seal Application - District-wide

2017 Ambassador Application - Miami County

2017 Ambassador Application - Linn County

Club Project Report -Miami County

2017 Nomination Form for Record Book

Record Book Check Sheet - Miami County

Record Book Check Sheet - Miami County - Form Fillable
(you must click open pdf or save it to your device to be able to write in it)

Record Book Requirements - District-wide

Window Display Guidelines & Score Sheets - Miami County 2017

Meeting Ideas
This includes ideas for meeting themes for roll call, community service projects, guest speakers, recreation, and snack ideas for several different themes for each monthly meeting.

Celebrating with 4-H Ceremonies









New Family Information

Guide to 4-H

New Family Newsletters

#1 - Welcome